I'm a fighter...

And I'm ready to fight for Northeastern North Carolina... for our families... and for our nation. I graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, served our country, and have been living for the past 23 years here in North Carolina's 3rd district. My wife, Christine, and I have raised our 11 children here (you could say I'm very pro-family!). We love Carolina. And I've been serving here in local government for the past 14 years, currently as a Currituck County Commissioner.

I'm Christian. I'm Conservative. I'm Committed. These are my core beliefs that form my approach to my life and my understanding of public service. This is who I was yesterday, who I am today, and who I will be when serving as your representative in Congress. You could say I'm the "Anti-AOC."

I'll fight for jobs, for our security, and for our families. As a county commissioner, I helped manage the explosive growth Currituck has experienced.I've helped bring real jobs to our region. Most recently I helped spearhead the new $25 million Maritime Training Center to be located in Currituck County But we have more work to do. Our region's unemployment is still 75% higher than the national average. That shouldn't be! That's why I'll fight to lower taxes, cut regulation, and bring more business and jobs here to Northeastern North Carolina.

And I'll push back against Nancy Pelosi and help President Trump Drain The Swamp, build the wall, and make America great again!

Will you join with me?

Paul Beaumont

Why I'm running.

My background.


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