Here's why I'm running...

Each day the far Left declares war on our Constitution, the justice system, and especially our President with relentlessly, radical, revolutionary attacks on everything we all hold dear.

All that this nation was founded upon, firmly established, and paid for with the blood of patriots for generations has been undermined, shredded and trampled under foot. They mock our flag. They brag about laws that kill babies after birth. They openly promote an illegal invasion that is ripping apart our country. And they despise any mention of faith in the public square.

Yet the lamp of liberty is still burning in the hearts of millions of Americans — and especially so here in North Carolina's 3rd district. That's why we need a servant-leader of firm conviction and belief, ready to stand with our President to restore what made this nation a beacon of hope, a defender of true liberty and freedom all anchored in a faith that encourages entrepreneurial vision and strong work ethic.

My three-fold pledge...

The stakes are high. If we fail now to answer the call or refuse to take a stand and fight, then we will not have done our duty to carry the torch of liberty to the next generation.  So here's my three-fold pledge to you...

I'll fight for Carolina families. I love Northeastern North Carolina. My wife and I have raised 11 children here. I've served in local public office for 14 years. I believe the future is bright for our region, and I will fight to make it happen!

I'll fight for our jobs. The third district's unemployment rate is nearly double the national average. That's wrong! I've worked to bring millions of dollars and good jobs to our region. But we must do more. Let's make NC3 the most jobs friendly region in the nation through lower taxes, less regulation, and a healthy balance to protecting the environment from the overreach of the Army Corps of Engineers has done to stunt growth in our coastal region.

I'll fight to put America first. The radical Left wants to destroy President Trump because they hate his America First agenda. Well, I think any politician who doesn't put America First has betrayed our people! We must secure our borders. We must stop the flow of illegal drugs and immigration. We must Drain The Swamp. And we must make American great again!

We have a unique opportunity to build our local economy and reduce the overreach of government regulation, while encouraging the creation of business to provide more jobs for a stronger Northeast North Carolina. Our rich heritage of rural farm values is foundational to what made America Great in the past and will take Northeast North Carolina into a prosperous future if properly protected. But the time is now and each missed opportunity is costly.

Will you join with me as I fight for our family, for our jobs and for our nation?

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