BIG question right now

The big question in the final days of any campaign is this...

Are you gaining or losing momentum?

All the indicators make it clear that we are GAINING momentum! I am getting a strong response every time I have the opportunity to connect with voters. When we get our message out, we win with voters!

That means these final seven days to next week's primary election will likely decide the winner. TODAY our radio spot began airing on three key stations covering the district. We have hundreds of yard signs coming this week to cover the most important parts of the district prior to election day. And I'll add a few thousand more miles to my vehicle as I traverse the district this week.

We are running a lean campaign -- a true CITIZEN CAMPAIGN that will prove that you don't have to have D.C. insiders and millions of dollars to serve in Congress. But the costs are real and I need your help THIS WEEK!

I've already committed the funds for the radio spot and our "get out the vote" efforts. I want to do more, but our funding in the past week has been far short of what we need for this final push. 

Can you help TODAY? Your contribution of ANY AMOUNT will help fuel a true CITIZEN CAMPAIGN to take back Congress from the lifetime politicians and D.C. insiders. Go here to make your contribution and help get our critical ad on the air and continue other critical efforts:

Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless our nation!

Paul Beaumont
Candidate for Congress, NC-3

P.S. Again, our radio spot starts TODAY. I've committed the funds for our final push this week but I need your help. Go here to help:

(If you haven't heard the spot, go here.)

@2019 Paul Beaumont. Paid for and authorized by Beaumont For Congress Committee.

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