If you've met me, you know me...

I don't have a typical politician's resume. I didn't train my whole life to one day run for Congress. To the contrary. I trained my whole life to serve. In the Navy. In the private sector. As a husband and father. And for our community. Representing Northeastern North Carolina in Congress is simply a next step of service.

And if you've met me, then you know me. I'm a straight shooter. I'll always look you in the eye and give you an honest day's work. Here are a few highlights of my journey:

  • My wife, Christine, and I have been married for 35 years and have 11 children and five grandchildren. Yes, we're very pro-family and every birthday or holiday looks a bit like a family reunion! Most of our grown children have chosen to reside here in Northeast North Carolina as well.
  • I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the United States Naval Academy.
  • As a Naval Officer I served my country as a VQ pilot and mission commander in a National Security mission performing duties for a Presidential Command and Control Communication team.
  • As a civilian I have extensive executive management experience in over 9 different areas of DOD Programs in both aviation and maritime logistics.
  • My extensive business development record includes expanding markets in both large and small corporations as well as a small, family-owned business that I successfully grew and managed through a 300% increase in market share.
  • While working in the Conservation and Green Industry, I attained the status of Consulting Arborist, performed as an expert witness in multiple lawsuits, and managed Disaster Relief and recovery operations following disaster storm events. This is the perfect experience needed to confront the governmental regulatory overreach of the Army Corp of Engineers in regard to tackling wetland coastal issues which directly or indirectly affects all the citizens of NENC.
  • As a practicing engineer, I worked in the marine manufacturing industry designing and implementing the retooling and work flow of an entire manufacturing facility  and co-authored a computer inventory control interface software.
  • Currently, I am President of Rapid Response Logistics, INC, (RRL) providing support for both the Defense Contracting industry and the Construction and Recycling industries. RRL currently supports the pursuit of international training opportunities in upgrading military and civilian aviation capabilities.  
  • I've served our local Northeast North Carolina community for 14 years, as an elected office over the past 5 years, currently as a Currituck County Commissioner.
  • In this role, I recently helped spearhead the new $25 million Maritime Training Center to be located in Currituck County. This new training complex for water safety and special ops includes plans for a hotel and represents only the beginning of my vision for an international disaster relief training network located here in northeastern North Carolina. I'll use this as a model to bring new business, new industries, and great jobs to our region.
  • We moved to Currituck in 1995 after completing construction on our home in which I served as the general contractor. Our home is also home to our family farm, Twin Oaks Farm, which has marketed horses, dogs, chicken, geese, ducks, sheep, goats, cows, as well as harvesting and selling of hay. Love for the farm community and culture is a core value of our family.

 Will you help me fight for our Carolina families, for our jobs, and for our nation?