Help me reach thousands of voters in critical final days...

New radio spot ready to go...

I want to get our new radio spot on the air IN THE FINAL DAYS OF THE CAMPAIGN (listen here). My team is finalizing a plan that can blanket the district on the three most influential radio stations. And here's the amazing thing...

You can help sponsor TWO DAYTIME ads for just $30...

Your $50 contribution will help get us on Rush Limbaugh on the top conservative talk station in the district.

If you can help with $250, we'll run up to 10-15 ads and reach thousands of voters.

To air this spot and continue other vital efforts in these final days of the primary election, I need your help! Will you stand with me as I run to WIN the special primary on April 30 to fill Rep. Jones's seat? Here's my pledge to you:

I'll fight Nancy Pelosi's radical agenda, and I'll stand with our President to build the wall, cut taxes and regulation, support our families, defend the unborn, and make our nation great again.


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