How I can win...

We have less than two weeks to go to the special primary election, and momentum is building! But you may be asking.. how can I win?

I believe this is a unique situation. Walter Jones' passing created a huge political chasm in our district. Because he dominated the space here for so many years, THERE IS NO CLEAR-CUT G.O.P. LEADER to replace him... and there is no time for some "Establishment" candidate to come in with Swamp money and sway the election. In this age when TENS OF MILLIONS are being spent on congressional races (far-Left PACs spent $11 million to defeat GOP Congressmen in 2018), it is very rare that a CITIZEN can run for Congress on a minimal budget.. and win!

But to do so, I must get the word out in these final 13 days, and I need your help.

By tomorrow, I must finalized our radio plan, but as of this morning we are less than half way to our funding goal. 

Can I count on your help? Go here to make your contribution and help our critical ad on the air and continue other critical efforts:

Your support can reach voters right away...

You can help sponsor TWO DAYTIME ads for just $30...

Your $50 contribution will help get us on Rush Limbaugh on the top conservative talk station in the district.

If you can help with $250, we'll run up to 10-15 ads and reach thousands of voters.

Again, I must finalize our radio plan. Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless our nation!

Paul Beaumont
Candidate for Congress, NC-3

P.S. I just got confirmed for an interview with one of the most important radio hosts that reaches this district -- on the day before the election! Today, I'm ordering hundreds more yard signs. I'll be speaking to another Republican group this evening. And I must get our radio plan finalized. Your $30 contribution will help us run two spots; $50 can put us on Rush Limbaugh; $250 can help us reach thousands of voters. Go here to listen and to help:

@2019 Paul Beaumont. Paid for and authorized by Beaumont For Congress Committee.

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