I'm the Anti-AOC

My name's Paul Beaumont. I'm the ANTI-AOC and I'm running for Congress.

I'm sure you've never heard of me. That's because I've been busy serving my country, building businesses, and raising 11 kids with my wife, Christine here in Northeastern North Carolina. But when Rep. Walter Jones passed away and they announced a special election to fill his seat, I decided to run. Why?

Because I love America. I love family. I love freedom. I love my community. And I want to do my part to restore America's greatness. Basically, I'm the Anti-AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).

+ + Here's how I'm the Anti-AOC

Consider this...

AOC is a radical, extreme socialist.
I define myself as Christian, Conservative, and Committed.

AOC openly wonders, "Is it OK to still have children?"
I have 11 kids. Five grandkids. (That's me with my wife, Christine, and two of our grandkids.)

AOC wants to eliminate air travel.
I'm a former Navy pilot. I think planes are important.

AOC thinks "the world is going to end" due to climate change.
I think the planet is doing just fine, although we might not survive if the socialists take over!

AOC questions if prayer matters.
I stand on prayer. I live by my faith in God.

AOC is radically pro-abortion.
I'm pro-life. Life begins at conception. Next question.

AOC is launching a radically socialist "Green New Deal."
The "green" I want is more money going to our families and less to the D.C. Swamp!

AOC wants to pay for her "Green Deal" with even more deficit spending.
I'm sick and tired of D.C. politicians bankrupting our nation and saddling our children and grandchildren with impossible debts.

AOC says the border wall is a "moral abomination."
I say you don't have a country without a border and we must have a border to protect our families, our jobs, and our way of life.

And here's the kicker...

AOC was recruited by a Far-Left, socialist PAC, and carefully cultivated to run for office.
I was busy serving my family and my community when I decided to run as a citizen who is not drunk in the pursuit of power, not beholden to special interests, and not ashamed of America!

+ + Why I'm running...

Each day the far Left declares war on our Constitution, the justice system, and especially our President with relentlessly, radical, revolutionary attacks on everything we all hold dear.

All that this nation was founded upon, firmly established, and paid for with the blood of patriots for generations has been undermined, shredded and trampled under foot. They mock our flag. They brag about laws that kill babies after birth. They openly promote an illegal invasion that is ripping apart our country. And they despise any mention of faith in the public square.

I'm running on a simple platform of WHO I AM and WHAT I'LL DO. Everywhere I go, I'm telling folks, I'm Christian, I'm Conservative, and I'm Committed. My faith guides me. My conservative ideology was crafted out here on the farm and in the real world far away from the D.C. Swamp. And I'm committed to my faith, my family, my principles, and the people of North Carolina (you might say I'm a bit stubborn).

And here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to fight for our families, fight for our jobs, and fight for North Carolina and our nation.

And here's my pledge: I won't ever become intoxicated by the D.C. Swamp. I'll never compromise my values to get a better seat at the table. And I'll give you an honest day's work, every day, representing the people of North Carolina and standing for the values that made our nation great and will make our nation great once again.

Will you help?

The special primary is being held April 30. That means we have just a few days to make our case to the people of the third district of North Carolina. I'm running a lean budget, but I need help today to get the word out! Will you partner with me by making a contribution today to support my campaign? Go here now to help me fight the D.C. Swamp and stand for America:

If you believe in America... If you think our government actually belongs to We The People, and it's time for citizen-patriots to set a new standard for serving our country, then stand with me.

Let's take back our country!

Paul Beaumont
Candidate for Congress, NC-3

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