I was "sold"

As I've spoken at events in the District and interacted with voters, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Here's what a Navy veteran wrote to say:

"Just wanted to tell you that after listening to your interview on WITN morning radio interview, I was 'sold'. I voted early today ... you got my Vote! I have since read your Profile, which gives me the confidence that I have made the right choice. I have the confidence that you are the best of all others running."

When we get our message out, voters are responding.That's why our radio campaign is so crucial. As I noted to you a few days ago, I just finalized our final "countdown to election day" radio ad buy that will put our message on radio in the district more than 200 times starting on Monday. I still need your help to meet our funding need for this weekend. Please go here to help and see below for more details.

Paul Beaumont

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