If you live in NC-3, PLEASE VOTE TODAY! If you know someone who lives in NC-3, please forward them the message below. --Paul

It's been a sprint! Over less than two months, I've logged more than 11,000 miles on my vehicle -- several hundred more yesterday as a drove to Greenville to join the popular drive-time Tom And Sadie Show and make my closing argument. The hosts allotted about 30 minutes for healthy back-and-forth discussion on the issues, during a peak listening time in a key market in the district. As the interview concluded, one of the hosts remarked that I had answered all their questions. Imagine that -- a "politician" who answered questions!

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See the email below from a voter here in the district. Our radio spot is working (or as my kids would say, we NAILED IT!). I've heard from many people who say the ad is a HOME RUN and is changing how they think about this election.

I would love to expand our radio buy in these final days, but we are still short of our budgeted need. We urgently need $5,000 between now and Election Day. Go here now to help me reach voters right now.

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STOP picking the winners!

Being on the campaign trail, I get asked a lot of questions. For example, yesterday on a national radio show, I was asked my opinion on a case being argued before the Supreme Court this week. It happened today during my interview with Tony Macrini on WNIS (go here to listen). It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling the need to be an "answer man" with a deep and detailed response that satisfies every possible scenario.

But I'm finding that most often, the answer is quite simple.

And it goes like this...

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BIG question right now

The big question in the final days of any campaign is this...

Are you gaining or losing momentum?

All the indicators make it clear that we are GAINING momentum! I am getting a strong response every time I have the opportunity to connect with voters. When we get our message out, we win with voters!

That means these final seven days to next week's primary election will likely decide the winner. TODAY our radio spot began airing on three key stations covering the district. We have hundreds of yard signs coming this week to cover the most important parts of the district prior to election day. And I'll add a few thousand more miles to my vehicle as I traverse the district this week.

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I was "sold"

As I've spoken at events in the District and interacted with voters, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Here's what a Navy veteran wrote to say:

"Just wanted to tell you that after listening to your interview on WITN morning radio interview, I was 'sold'. I voted early today ... you got my Vote! I have since read your Profile, which gives me the confidence that I have made the right choice. I have the confidence that you are the best of all others running."

When we get our message out, voters are responding.That's why our radio campaign is so crucial. As I noted to you a few days ago, I just finalized our final "countdown to election day" radio ad buy that will put our message on radio in the district more than 200 times starting on Monday. I still need your help to meet our funding need for this weekend. Please go here to help and see below for more details.

Paul Beaumont

On air hundreds of times!

My team just finalized an ad buy on three key radio stations that will get our message on air hundreds of times over the final week of the campaign STARTING ON MONDAY

Our ad buy comes just as word is spreading that D.C. PAC money is being funneled to one of my opponents -- as Beltway politicians try to tip the scales of the vote here in a very important Republican district.

That's why this effort is so critical. We have a plan to reach thousands of voters in the final week before the primary, including flooding key areas of the district with yard signs, a jam-packed schedule of speaking events, and numerous local media interviews (including an interview on one of the biggest stations that reaches the region on the day before the election) -- and our radio blitz.


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How I can win...

We have less than two weeks to go to the special primary election, and momentum is building! But you may be asking.. how can I win?

I believe this is a unique situation. Walter Jones' passing created a huge political chasm in our district. Because he dominated the space here for so many years, THERE IS NO CLEAR-CUT G.O.P. LEADER to replace him... and there is no time for some "Establishment" candidate to come in with Swamp money and sway the election. In this age when TENS OF MILLIONS are being spent on congressional races (far-Left PACs spent $11 million to defeat GOP Congressmen in 2018), it is very rare that a CITIZEN can run for Congress on a minimal budget.. and win!

But to do so, I must get the word out in these final 13 days, and I need your help.

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Washington Post called...

A reporter from the Washington Post called yesterday.

Word is spreading.

The reporter expected to be connected to a "staffer" and was surprised to speak directly with me. But that's the amazing thing about this special election...

There isn't enough time for an "Establishment" candidate to come in with an army of D.C. experts and flood the district with hundreds of thousands of dollars of Swamp money. This election is anyone's to win!


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Radio spot ready

Here's an update on the campaign...

We are now just 15 days out from the special primary election, and everything we are hearing places our campaign in the TOP TIER among 17 candidates -- and gaining every day! We've had strong media coverage, and as I've been criss-crossing the district our "ANTI-AOC" message is resonating with voters. 

Now, we're in CRUNCH TIME! We have just DAYS to get our message out to NC-3 voters and I need YOUR HELP! Over the weekend, we finalized a new RADIO SPOT that I want to get on the air THIS WEEK. Go here to listen.


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I'm the Anti-AOC

My name's Paul Beaumont. I'm the ANTI-AOC and I'm running for Congress.

I'm sure you've never heard of me. That's because I've been busy serving my country, building businesses, and raising 11 kids with my wife, Christine here in Northeastern North Carolina. But when Rep. Walter Jones passed away and they announced a special election to fill his seat, I decided to run. Why?

Because I love America. I love family. I love freedom. I love my community. And I want to do my part to restore America's greatness. Basically, I'm the Anti-AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).

+ + Here's how I'm the Anti-AOC

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