On air hundreds of times!

My team just finalized an ad buy on three key radio stations that will get our message on air hundreds of times over the final week of the campaign STARTING ON MONDAY

Our ad buy comes just as word is spreading that D.C. PAC money is being funneled to one of my opponents -- as Beltway politicians try to tip the scales of the vote here in a very important Republican district.

That's why this effort is so critical. We have a plan to reach thousands of voters in the final week before the primary, including flooding key areas of the district with yard signs, a jam-packed schedule of speaking events, and numerous local media interviews (including an interview on one of the biggest stations that reaches the region on the day before the election) -- and our radio blitz.


I need your help! I've committed the funds but we are still far short of what we need to raise for these radio ads and our final push. Specifically, I need about $4,000 this weekend.

Will you stand with me right now? Your contribution of ANY AMOUNT will help fuel a true CITIZEN CAMPAIGN to take back Congress from the lifetime politicians and D.C. insiders. Go here to make your contribution and help get our critical ad on the air and continue other critical efforts:

As I've noted, your support can reach voters right away...

You can help sponsor TWO DAYTIME ads for just $30...

Your $50 contribution will help get us on Rush Limbaugh on the top conservative talk station in the district.

If you can help with $250, we'll run up to 10-15 ads and reach thousands of voters.

Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless our nation!

Paul Beaumont
Candidate for Congress, NC-3

P.S. Again, I just finalized our radio buy for the final week leading up to the primary. I've committed the funds and now need $4,000 THIS WEEKEND for these ads and our get-out-the-vote efforts. Your $30 contribution will help us run two spots; $50 can put us on Rush Limbaugh; $250 can help us reach thousands of voters. Go here to help:

(If you haven't heard the spot, go here.)

@2019 Paul Beaumont. Paid for and authorized by Beaumont For Congress Committee.\


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