Radio spot ready

Here's an update on the campaign...

We are now just 15 days out from the special primary election, and everything we are hearing places our campaign in the TOP TIER among 17 candidates -- and gaining every day! We've had strong media coverage, and as I've been criss-crossing the district our "ANTI-AOC" message is resonating with voters. 

Now, we're in CRUNCH TIME! We have just DAYS to get our message out to NC-3 voters and I need YOUR HELP! Over the weekend, we finalized a new RADIO SPOT that I want to get on the air THIS WEEK. Go here to listen.


To air this spot and continue other vital efforts in these final days of the primary election, I must raise $10,000 this week. I need your help! Will you help me meet this special $10,000 goal this week so we can get this ad on the air and continue other critical efforts? Go here:

Here's my pledge to you:

I'll fight Nancy Pelosi's radical agenda, and I'll stand with our President to build the wall, cut taxes and regulation, support our families, defend the unborn, and make our nation great again.

There's so much more. See the links below for media coverage and other news.

Thanks and God bless our nation!

Paul Beaumont
Candidate for Congress, NC-3

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