STOP picking the winners!

Being on the campaign trail, I get asked a lot of questions. For example, yesterday on a national radio show, I was asked my opinion on a case being argued before the Supreme Court this week. It happened today during my interview with Tony Macrini on WNIS (go here to listen). It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling the need to be an "answer man" with a deep and detailed response that satisfies every possible scenario.

But I'm finding that most often, the answer is quite simple.

And it goes like this...

I want the government to STOP PICKING THE WINNERS!

Our government has become too deeply entangled in too many aspects of our lives. And things go really bad when the government starts deciding who wins and who loses. As soon as the government starts picking the winners, two things result: a sub-standard product and corruption. Every time.

Consider education. We fight over more money and better curriculum and better facilities and better testing. But the real problem is, the government is picking the winners! Let's put education dollars in the hands of parents and let parents pick the winners for their children! The competition will produce better results immediately and a better education system for decades to come.

What about windmills, and electric cars and "going green"? Mostly, these options are not yet economically feasible without taxpayer subsidies (without the government picking the winners). When it makes economic sense to put solar panels on the roof of the Beaumont home, I'll get them. But I don't want the government picking the winners on energy policy.

Why do we need to abolish our tax code and replace it with something entirely simple like a 10% flat tax? Because the entire tax code is about empowering politicians (and lobbyists) to pick the winners! 

When the government decides who wins, there is no longer a free market race to produce the best product or the best service to meet the needs of the customer. Instead, there is a race to get an inside track to the government subsidy or other benefit. So you hire lobbyists. And "hire" politicians. And zillions is spent on getting on the government's chosen track.

+ + One week from today!

The primary election is just ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, and I still need your help. I'm getting great feedback from our radio spots which are now blanketing the district. My schedule is packed with events and interviews, and we'll be putting up hundreds of yard signs through this weekend. But we are still short of our funding goal to maximize our impact in these final days.

Will you partner with me as I push back against an encroaching government that demands to "pick the winners" leading to the corrupt system that just gets bigger and more oppressive?  Go here to make your contribution and help me fight the Swamp:

Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless our nation!

Paul Beaumont
Candidate for Congress, NC-3

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