Washington Post called...

A reporter from the Washington Post called yesterday.

Word is spreading.

The reporter expected to be connected to a "staffer" and was surprised to speak directly with me. But that's the amazing thing about this special election...

There isn't enough time for an "Establishment" candidate to come in with an army of D.C. experts and flood the district with hundreds of thousands of dollars of Swamp money. This election is anyone's to win!


That's why I'm asking for your help today so we can get our message out to tens of thousands of voters during the crucial final days of the campaign. My team is putting together a plan that can blanket the district on the three most influential radio stations.  And here's the amazing thing...

You can help sponsor TWO DAYTIME ads for just $30...

Your $50 contribution will help get us on Rush Limbaugh on the top conservative talk station in the district.

If you can help with $250, we'll run up to 10-15 ads and reach thousands of voters.

But I must make my final decisions on our media buy in the next 48 hours.

Can I count on your help? Go here to make your contribution and help get this ad on the air and continue other critical efforts:

+ + Two Weeks To Go!

We are now just  TWO WEEKS from the special primary election. Everything we are hearing places our campaign in the TOP TIER among 17 candidates -- and gaining every day

We can WIN this race -- but I need a small group of faithful friends to believe in our message and stand with me right now.

Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless our nation!

Paul Beaumont
Candidate for Congress, NC-3

P.S. I'm getting great feedback on our radio spot and I can't wait for it to hit the airwaves. But I need your help! Your $30 contribution will help us run two spots; $50 can put us on Rush Limbaugh; $250 can help us reach thousands of voters. Go here to listen and to help:

+ + How I'm the Anti-AOC

Consider this...

AOC is a radical, extreme socialist.
I define myself as Christian, Conservative, and Committed.

AOC openly wonders, "Is it OK to still have children?"
I have 11 kids. Five grandkids. (That's me with my wife, Christine, and two of our grandkids.)

AOC wants to eliminate air travel.
I'm a former Navy pilot. I think planes are important.

AOC thinks "the world is going to end" due to climate change.
I think the planet is doing just fine, although we might not survive if the socialists take over!

AOC questions if prayer matters.
I stand on prayer. I live by my faith in God.

AOC is radically pro-abortion.
I'm pro-life. Life begins at conception. Next question.

AOC is launching a radically socialist "Green New Deal."
The "green" I want is more money going to our families and less to the D.C. Swamp!

AOC wants to pay for her "Green Deal" with even more deficit spending.
I'm sick and tired of D.C. politicians bankrupting our nation and saddling our children and grandchildren with impossible debts.

AOC says the border wall is a "moral abomination."
I say you don't have a country without a border and we must have a border to protect our families, our jobs, and our way of life.

And here's the kicker...

AOC was recruited by a Far-Left, socialist PAC, and carefully cultivated to run for office.
I was busy serving my family and my community when I decided to run as a citizen who is not drunk in the pursuit of power, not beholden to special interests, and not ashamed of America!

@2019 Paul Beaumont. Paid for and authorized by Beaumont For Congress Committee.

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